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This is a miniscule project which provides another way to engage with your audience on Twitch.
Your viewers will be thrown into the Arena™, where they will endlessly fight each other. Similar to Intro Fighters, this game can be used as a custom source for your broadcasting software - demonstrating an everlasting action-packed skirmish between your chatters.
ChattArena fight
Trickle in!


In two words: you have to acquire a custom link, then use this link as a source - usually by internal mechanisms of your streaming app (like Browser Source in OBS). Like so:
  1. Fill in the settings on this page to generate your own link. Copy the link - you'll need it.
  2. In OBS, add a Browser Source into your scene. Here's some info about Browser Source if you don't know what it is.
  3. Go to the properties of your new source. Fill in the settings:
    • URL - paste your generated link here
    • Width - set a number that matches the "width" parameter (1920 by default)
    • Height - set a number that matches the "height" parameter (1080 by default)
    • Use custom frame rate - enable this checkbox for smoother animations
    • FPS - generally speaking, more is better. Preferred value is 60.
    • Control audio via OBS - optional; enable this to turn on a separate volume slider for the Arena. This will allow you to turn down the sounds if they turn out to be too loud.
    • Custom CSS - leave this option blank, or let the default value be.
    • Shutdown source when not visible - optional; enable this to turn the Arena off automatically when you switch scenes.
    • Refresh browser when scene becomes active - this option should be enabled. It will clean up the Arena every time you switch the scenes.
    • Page permissions - choose any, as Arena does not need any information from your application.
  4. That's pretty much it! Your viewport should now show the Arena, and the fight starts instantly. Customize the location and other properties of this source as you wish.
ChattArena in OBS
Try using custom backgrounds!

Unit classes

This game is a heavily modified version of the Arena I've made earlier for the chat.vote games webpage. Therefore, the premise is similar:
  • There are 6 unique classes: Shaman, Priest, Rogue, Paladin, Hunter, Mage.
  • Each class has unique stats, attack animations, and abilities.
  • If enabled in options, users may choose their class by typing an appropriate emote. Otherwise everyone is assigned a random class.
  • Notable distinctive features:
    • All units have HP regeneration.
    • Some classes have been modified. Full information about classes can be found on this page.
    • Streamer (channel owner) can have bonus stats.
    • There are random drops falling from the sky! When picked up, unit can receive one of:
      • First Aid Kit: instantly heals unit for 100% of their HP.
      • Caffeine Pill: increases unit's movement speed to 500.
      • Private Army: spawns two White Knights (120 HP, 30 damage, melee, no ability, dies if owner is killed)
      • Land Mine: instantly explodes, dealing 1000 damage in a moderate area. Unlucky.
      • (summons cannot activate the drops)
    • Shaman's summons go rogue if their master dies. Scary stuff.
  • Any questions?

    You can try and contact me like so:

    Oh, a side note: there is a multiplayer version of this arena, available here! Fair warning: this lidl server I'm using does not handle stuff too well, so expect some turbulence.

Your personal link:

Link contains no personal information. There's nothing to leak.


Required. Arena will use this channel's chat.
Limits max amount of units in the arena. Value of 0 removes limit.
If enabled, user may type an emote of their preferred class to choose specific kind of fighter.
You may want to enable corresponding emotes - see this page for links.
Affects units and projectiles.
Choose the layout of platforms in the arena.
"Random" layout selects one of the other options.
If enabled, random gifts will fall into the arena. Units will be able to pick them up.
When arena is started, channel owner's unit is automatically created and placed into the arena.
Channel owner's unit will have additional HP, damage, and unit size. 100% means default/normal values, 200% means 2x default values, etc.
You can disable sounds if you find them annoying.

Additional settings